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The history of the society began with a series of triennial conferences initially in Utrecht, but later moving from place to place. These early conferences were hosted by Erik Kooper (English studies, Utrecht). It was at the second of these conferences, in 1999, that the society was formally founded.

Upcoming conference:

8th International Conference of the Medieval Chronicle Society

University of Lisbon, Portugal, 10-14 July 2017

The Organisers

Isabel de Barros Dias – Universidade Aberta, Lisboa
Maria João Branco – Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Carlos Carreto – Universidade Aberta, Lisboa
Ana Paiva Morais – Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Margarida Alpalhão – Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Rodrigo Furtado – Universidade de Lisboa

For more information write to: Isabel de Barros Dias – Isabel.Dias[at]

Programme for the conference: here.

Website of the conference:

Please, note that the website is not complete yet; links to information on enrollment and accommodation will be set up as soon as possible

Keynote speakers include:

Professor Georges Martin (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
Professor Hermengildo Fernandes (Universidade de Lisboa)
Professor Inés Fernández-Ordóñez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Professor Peter Linehan (University of Cambridge)
Professor José Carlos Miranda (Universidade do Porto)
Professor Maria do Rosário Ferreira (Universidade de Coimbra)

Previous Conferences:

Utrecht, 13 – 16 July, 1996

Utrecht, 16 – 21 July, 1999

Utrecht, 12 – 17 July, 2002

Reading, 15 – 19 July, 2005

Belfast, 2008

Pécs, 2011

Liverpool, 2014

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